Since the late 1980s, Los Angeles artist Alexander Mihaylovich has been creating works that deal with the fragmentation of history and memory. His most recent pieces are three-dimensional mixed media works that allude to the ephemeral nature of our own time. The juxtaposition of modern industrial fragments with painted Arcadian landscapes and classical forms points to the disjointedness of our own past as well as the complexity of understanding history and time. The layering of found materials, such as plastic or metal, obscures our ability to view the painted image and acts as a metaphor for the process of archaeology. Moreover, the bar codes and serial numbers, which are reflective of his desire to catalogue information and preserve objects, further detaches the object from its original context and mirrors contemporary museological practice. Mihaylovich has exhibited widely in the United States and Europe, including the British Museum in London, the Romisch-Germanisches Museum in Cologne, Germany, the National Museum of Belgrade in Serbia, and the Royal Museum of Art and History in Brussels, Belgium. The book titled Alexander Mihaylovich, which is a comprehensive overview of the artist’s work and includes over 200 images, was published by Dumont in 2010.