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Alexander Mihaylovich
by Wibke von Bonin

Alexander Mihaylovich was born in New York in 1958 and currently lives and works in Los Angeles. The self-taught painter was a member of the staff of the J. Paul Getty Museum where he was able to develop his early interest in dealing with archaeological finds as well as his talent for painting. He is equally driven by questions concerning conservation, the problem of illicit excavations and the black market in antiquities. With old masterly precision and a fine sense of humour Mihaylovich paints scenes of imaginary gods and goddesses, heroes and muses threatened by and protected from the dangers of the Industrial Age.

ISBN 978-3-8321-9253-2
34.5 x 25.5 cm, hardcover, 232 pages
Dumont Literatur und Kunst Verlag 2010

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Time Machine: Ancient Egypt and Contemporary Art
by James Putnam, Vivian W. Davies

Curated by James Putnam, curator of the Egyptian Antiquities Department at the British Museum, Time Machine was an exhibition which contested the idea that the British Museum and its ancient Egyptian artefacts are stagnant remnants of the past, disconnected from the present. Installed in the vast Egyptian sculpture gallery, Mihaylovich’s work The Colossus of Menes, was among the works by twelve artists who archived a rare juxtaposition of ancient and contemporary art.

ISBN: 0-86159-997-7
62pp, softback, 215 x 215mm, 73 illustrations (39 in colour)
Iniva and the British Museum, 1994